Shatter Me Series Review

I already did individual reviews for each book in the series but I felt that I should also rate the series as a whole.

Honestly, I’m so glad that I read it! The first book was a little slow and I was debating if I really wanted to keep going but the further into the story you go the better and better that it gets. Those are the best kinds of books so I definitely recommend it.

Technically the overall series review would be 3.6/5 but once you finish and see how it all comes together, it’s definitely 4/5!

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7 Responses to Shatter Me Series Review

  1. Awesome- I’m glad you liked it, cos I’ve wanted to read it for ages!

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  3. Isn’t it? I completely agree. Its starts slow but it goes on really well. I love dystopian genre. So this was fitting in every sense. 🙂

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