Popular Books I Haven’t Read

Hi friends,

I did a video on popular books that I haven’t read yet. The list includes:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Have you read these? What were your thoughts??

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Booktube Author Review of John Green

Hi friends,

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know that I have feelings when it comes to John Green novels…………bad ones haha.

The three books that I tried to read were The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. Here are my thoughts

Let me know what you think!

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Check out my BookTube Channel!

So I was debating this for a long time but I did the thing. Let me know what you think 🙂

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Uh….7 month hiatus?

Hello there,

I have not posted anything since December………..yikes.

To be totally honest, I’m not sure if I will continue here. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve also been thinking about starting a BookTube channel but don’t know if I really will.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

I do miss the feeling of writing my thoughts though and with everything going on in the world it might be a good time to get back to it. But we will see.

Stay tuned.

P.S. I couldn’t remember my password for like ever and I finally was able to reset it just now

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My Favourite 2019 Blogging Moments Tag


Hi all!

Today I’m introducing an original tag that’s about appreciating all the very hard work us bloggers have put in this year: the My Favourite Blogging Moments tag!


I don’t think we spend enough time admiring our own work even though we spend hours and hours working on a single post — one blog post, my Buzzfeed Unsolved readathon, took me four months to work on and write up. And I for one think we should gush about all of our amazing posts and accomplishments.

So I’ve written up a series of questions for everyone to answer that focus on your blog posts and all the work you’ve done. Please participate and show off your work!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm


  1. All the answers must be about your blog posts
  2. Please link the original creator of the tag so I can see all your posts!
  3. You don’t have to provide just one post…

View original post 1,630 more words

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Ringing in the New Year Book Tag!

Hi all, I know I’m late to my own party but I’ve been busy

Let’s do it!

  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Link to the creator of the tag (Bookmark Chronicles) – I do this because I love reading everyone’s responses
  • Share the tag image (or make your own but mention the host)
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag friends (or not if you don’t feel like it)

Best book/series that you’ve read in 2018?

This is really hard for me so I’m doing top 5

  • The Seven Husbands on Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst
  • Sadie by Courtney Summers
  • Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Authors that you’ve recently found and would like to read more of in the new year

  • Audrey Coulthurst. I know she has another book out that’s also f/f and I’ve really loved her work so far

Best book turned movie/tv show in 2018? 

  • I know I’m late to the party but since I just watched it this year: Game of Thrones…..I never read the books but I honestly can’t read George R. R. Martin

Most anticipated book turned movie/tv show for 2019?

  • If it is to be released this year (which I doubt) Shadow and Bone! I can’t wait to see how they bring the characters to life!

Midnight Kiss: favorite ship of the year?

  • This one was surprising to me but…..Donatella and Dante. I fell in love with Dante during Legendary. I plan to start Finale later today

What’s on your TBR for 2019? 

  • I said this last year but I am actually going to read The Illuminae Files this time!
  • Throne of Glass series – again, late to the party I  know!

How many books do you hope to read in 2019?

  • Hopefully 50 but this year I had to lower to 45 so we will see.

Will you participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge or any others (PopSugar, Down the TBR Hole, etc.?)

  • Goodreads as always! I still have 4 more books to read to make my goal this year but I’m gonna do it!

Any New Year’s Resolutions? (Bookish, blogging, vlogging, and otherwise)

  • Bookish – Work on my TBR. I have a whole book case of just my TBR so I need to get to work
  • Blogging – Honestly y’all I might stop blogging. I really haven’t decided yet. My job has changed and I have a lot more to do so we’ll see
  • Life – Get rid of all negative vibes. I just don’t have time for unnecessary drama

I tag:

Can’t wait to read about everyone else’s year in books!

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TV Review | Game of Thrones – Season 7


I can’t believe there’s only one season left. I feel like so much still needs to happen.

I was glad to see that Dorne and High Garden were supporting Daenerys but then pretty much all of them died so….maybe not.

I was really rooting for Theon but when he abandoned his sister, I lost hope. They’re uncle is a tyrant, I hope he dies at some point.

Kudos to Sam for helping what’s his name get rid of his grey scale. I know he’s smart and bookish but he’s kind of always felt a little insignificant this entire time. And he left before he could find out about his father and brother. I guess he could go home now at least?

I knew that Arya’s wolf was still alive and wish they had been reunited. Also, she is finally fucking home. The one thing that I have wanted the past 7 seasons is for Arya to be reunited with her family. Should have known Peter would try to turn her and Sansa against each other. Good for Sansa, turning on him like that. And Arya the Executioner is still a badass. How old is she now like 11?

Not surprised that Cersei is pregnant but she’s getting reckless. I don’t think she’s going to have the baby. I feel like she’ll die before she can. I feel like she has to die. I was surprised when she threatened to kill Jaime though. She’s gotten even more power hungry which didn’t really seem possible. I also think she’s stupid for lying to everyone saying she’ll fight in the North and then telling Jaime no. Idk what her deal is, but she’s gotta go.

When I saw the dead army pulling that fucking dragon out of the water…………ugh. And then it just obliterated part of the wall. I feel like the dead won’t win, but I don’t know how if the Lannisters aren’t going to fight.

Okay, someone correct me if I’m wrong here. John Snow is not a bastard. He’s actually Ned Stark’s nephew and he’s a Targaryen?? Rhergar’s son – which would make him Daenerys’ long lost nephew. Of course, we only find that out as they’re fucking. Ew.

Okay. I’m ready for the end.

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Weekly Update: Whole 30 and Self Care


Week 1 of Whole30 down, woo! I was pretty tired last week due to the abrupt stop of consuming carbs and sugar. Still a little tired today but I already did my home workout before work and have not had my coffee yet so maybe that’s why.

I had to skip the gym on Thursday because I pulled my hamstring. Ugh, will definitely take more time to stretch this week.

The end of this week is the beginning of Welcome Week, meaning that my team and I will be working for 12 days straight for freshman orientation! Yay. I love it (not really). So I have 2 scheduled non-Whole30 meals. The first is during Breakfast with the Provost next Monday and then the following Monday when we go out for margaritas!


I did not read before bed every night like I wanted however, I made up for it this weekend. I finished Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (for a second time) and In the Country We Love: My Family Divided by Diane Guerrero (so damn good).


I will post the last two season reviews for GoT soon! I”ve also started watching season 3 of 13 Reasons Why so I might review that as well

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September Self Care

Hi everyone,

August was a crappy month for me and honestly I am tired and burned out.

This month, I am making it a goal to focus on keeping my stress down (even though I am a part of the team that leads a 10 day orientation for first year students).

This is my game plan:

  • #SeptemberWhole30
    • Hopping back on the Whole30 bandwagon! The first time that I did it I lost 14 pounds without exercise! My plan this time to prevent getting bored is to stick to my favorite meals. I do miss my coffee creamer but I am trying to get along with NutPods. I got some serious meal prep done on Monday and have a little more to do today!
  • FB Abs
    • If you’ve followed me for a little while then you have heard me rave about Fitness Blender! I am using their core intensive program this month which includes 3 core workouts a week for 4 weeks. I do these on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Hit the gym
    • I would just follow FB Abs as it does include cardio and strength workouts on days that aren’t focused on the core………but I already paid for my gym membership for the year so I’m going to use it. I plan to hit the gym every Tuesday and Thursday before work.
  • Get enough sleep!
    • Being sleep deprived really strains my body but I honestly don’t always have time to get a full 8 hours. My goal is to aim for 7 hours. Last night I got more than that so we’ll see how this goes.
  • Read before bed
    • I have been really slacking on my reading because there’s just been so much shit going on. Thank you Goodreads for reminding me that I am indeed 4 books behind. I think reading before bed will help me get back into the swing since I don’t have that much time to read during the day.

Also, I finally freaking moved!!! Still waiting on some furniture and appliances but it feels so good to just have my own space.

Any additional self care tips??? I need all the help I can get at this point!

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August Wrap Up! 2019

Not much happening. August really sucked for me. Update coming soon

Other Books Read:

  • Around the Way Girl: A Memoir by Taraji P. Henson

Summer Spotlight Series:

TV Reviews:



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