“You will go to the paper towns and you will never come back”

A friend on mine recommended that I read “Paper Towns” by John Green. She made me watch the trailer first and I agreed to read it only because I wanted to know what happens to the girl in the end. So I read it and I liked it for the most part…at least until I get to the end. (This is your official spoiler alert! If you plan to read this book, stop reading this post).

Before I explain why I didn’t enjoy the ending, I’ll talk about some of the characters. Let’s start with Radar. He is probably one of my favorite characters because he is the closest to normal. He’s down to earth, laid back, and super smart. His addiction to Omnictionary is a little strange, but knowledge is power right? However, I am curious as to why John Green chose to make his parents the owners of “the world’s largest collection of black Santas,” that’s one thing that I don’t understand.

Next we’ll talk about Ben…..and how much his character annoys me. Partially because he calls every female that he comes into contact with (including his mom) ‘honeybunny’ and it’s weird. He’s also selfish and only helps other people if it somehow benefits him in the end. He’s funny at times but definitely not my favorite.

I can’t really say too much about Quentin without talking about Margo, so let’s jump straight to that.

Margo Roth Spiegelman is by far (in my opinion) the worst character in this book. I understand that she wishes that her parents paid more attention to her, BUT pulling Quentin into her theatrical disappearing act was over the top. Why leave clues for someone if you don’t want them to find you? This kid skips his high school graduation because he thinks she’s going to harm herself, and then she gets mad because he followed the clues that she left for him. Then, the fact that they just walk away from each other in the end basically means that the whole point of the story was….well, that’s just it..what was the point? I’m not exactly sure how I wanted it to end, but I was expecting for something to be resolved. I almost think that it would have been better if he hadn’t found her at all.

On the bright side, from the most recent movie trailer, it looks like they change the ending! As we know, Quentin skips out on prom, but in the trailer he is there with everyone else. Margo is also spotted in a red dress so the question is will she come home for good, or only for one night? My theory is that she will return for prom and then set out on her journey…but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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