I hate Veronica Roth

Actually, I don’t hate her at all. She is an amazing author and super successful at only 26. I really hope that she decides to write more books/series.

I loved the Divergent trilogy, (and the companion Four). I think that the factions are what I found the most interesting.  I read on her blog that her inspiration for the faction system came from her obsession with personality tests and the fact that she was taking Psych 101 at the time. When focusing on the character of Beatrice Prior it makes sense that her personality and the way she thinks reflect the factions that she fits into.

So we all know that Tris is a Dauntless transfer from Abnegation. Although she chose Dauntless, her aptitude test also showed that she could have stayed in Abnegation or transferred to Erudite. In the first book we see her embrace what it means to be a Dauntless and prove herself as an initiate. In Insurgent, we see a little more of her Abnegation tendencies. Despite how reckless some of her decisions were, she knows that if she goes to Erudite headquarters, it will save a lot of trouble for the rest of the factions. especially the Dauntless. We see a mixture of both her selfless and fearless traits in Allegiant when she decides to enter the lab to fight off the death serum in  place of her brother Caleb (who, by the way, sold her out the Jeanine!)

Here is where my issue arises. Of course, as a Divergent she is able to fight off the serum. What pissed me off is that she survives the serum only to get shot and die! Sure, maybe I was hoping for too much when I though that she and Tobias would get their happily ever after, but she has survived everything else! During Dauntless training she is beaten half to death and almost thrown into the chasm. She is conscience in fear landscapes and can resist the truth serum. But then all it takes is a bullet to kill her. I knew that she wasn’t immortal but after reading so far into the series, I was too invested in her character to predict that that was how it would end. She didn’t even get to say goodbye to Tobias! 😦

So yes, for a short period of time, I did hate Veronica Roth. But, as of now (3 months later) all is forgiven.


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4 Responses to I hate Veronica Roth

  1. Mariana Nhi says:

    We readers all have that love/hate feeling toward authors *sign* Dead characters, cliffhangers, etc. 😥 Anyway, love the way you discuss it 😀

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