Presidential Debate #2

As you know by this point I am voting for Hillary…and with damn good reason. Trump isn’t fit for the job. Let’s go ahead and start with his comments about groping women and sexual assault. (Yes, it is important to the debate despite the fact that it was over a decade ago, because it shows the type of person that he is).

In the audio recording/videoclip, Trump openly talks about trying to sleep with a married woman, attempting to cheat on his wife, sexually assaulting women, and believing that he’s allowed to do because “he’s a star.” Is this the man that you want for president? I mean really?

Then he issued an apology that was complete bullshit:

  • “I never said I was a perfect person” Imperfection does not excuse “joking” about or committing sexual assault
  • Made note that the video was more than a decade old and that the words he said then don’t reflect who he is. That would be believable if he still didn’t shame women today, he did it at the last debate
  • Turns it around to try to pint the finger at anyone else. This is how you know the apology wasn’t genuine. If he was sincere, he would’ve kept the focus on himself and painted himself in a better light instead of changing the subject. Bill’s bad decisions do not reflect Hillary. She is not responsible for her husbands actions. He keeps saying that other people are shaming women as if he isn’t known for it.

As for the debate, I think Hillary won…again. Trump doesn’t answer questions directly. He can be asked a very straightforward question and instead of answering, he talks about Hillary’s policy and says “it won’t work” without explaining what he would do. Or he trashes Obama somehow, and refuses to provide an actual solution. I really don’t understand how people are voting for this man. Here’s a closer look at some of the things he said (or didn’t say):

  • Asked if he was setting a good example for youth….starts talking about how this country is great, how he’s now a politician, health care, and terrorists…
  • When asked about the comments that were recently released and bragging about sexual assault he says, “No I didn’t say that at all” then calls it “locker room talk” and then starts talking about ISIS. Then suggests they should talk about “more important things” as if sexual assault isn’t a huge issue in this country.And I don’t know about you, but the men that I know don’t joke about sexual assault. They have morals and integrity.
  • Denied that he said “check out her sex tape” when referring to a former pageant contestant. I’ve seen the tweet and there are screenshots everywhere. He said it
  • Claimed he has “tremendous respect for women” when he’s cheated on all of his wives, sexualized his own daughter, and has called women dogs, pigs, and bimbos.
  • Does not understand that not all African Americans live in inner city communities. We are not all poor, and we are not all uneducated. He expects us to vote for him but he stereotypes us on a daily basis and clearly has no respect for our communities. He keeps saying he’s going to help us but has never said HOW.
  • Kept bringing up Bill Clinton as if he actually matters in this race.
  • Kept interrupting Hillary and the moderators (again)
  • A Muslim woman asks how will they help handle Islamophobia and he just says it’s a problem and Muslims need to report when they see something and that you have to say “radical islamic terror” as if that makes it disappear.
  • Said he’s going to create “safe zones” and make other people pay for them. But didn’t say what he meant by that or who was supposed to be funding it

What I’ve concluded about listening to Trump is that he really has no idea what the hell he’s doing. It makes me question his supporters A LOT more.


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