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Discussion: Periods

If you cringed or made a face while reading the title then you need to stick around until the end because you need to hear this more than anyone. Let’s get to it. Lady time, Aunt Flow, mensies, your special … Continue reading

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Discussion: A Spark of Light & Women’s Reproductive Rights

Let me start by saying that I fully expect that the opinions left on this article will differ. Differ from my own and from some of my friends. That is okay and I encourage it. This is a place to … Continue reading

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Rae’s Rules to Remember #86: Transphobia and Racism

A friend of mine saw the picture below on Facebook and asked for my opinion. The bottom part may be hard to read so here is what it says: basically, any sexuality other than pansexual is cissexist, transphobic and shallow. … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About 13 Reasons Why

  So, season 2 of 13 Reasons Why will be released on Netflix tomorrow. I just have a few things to say before that happens. In the wake of #MeToo and Times Up, I just want to remind you of … Continue reading

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April Awareness

Hey friends, For the month of April there are a lot of things to learn as far as awareness goes. This month focuses on: Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Autism Awareness and Acceptance Parkinson’s Awareness Cancer Control Stress Awareness Irritable … Continue reading

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March for Our Lives, Gun Reform, and a Biased America

As most of you may know, this past weekend students, teachers and other civilians gathered for March for Our Lives. A peaceful protest for gun control. That’s great and I absolutely support that movement but there are a few things … Continue reading

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Why I’m Over J.K. Rowling

I used to LOVE J.K. Rowling. I love the world that she created in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. I followed her on Twitter and considered her one of the clapback queens. She was so good at calling people on … Continue reading

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