Presidential Debate #1

When the Presidential race first started, I supported Bernie. I am all for a female president but in all honesty I don’t think I want the first to be Hillary. However, now looking at her or Trump, she is definitely the better choice. While I don’t agree with everything that Hillary stands for or believes in, there’s no way that I could ever justify voting for Trump (there will be a full post about that coming soon).

If you missed some or all of the debate last night the link below is a fact checking report of the entire debate in which both candidates have said false things. In my opinion Hillary won the debate. That doesn’t mean that she did everything perfectly but not only did she make more sense, she was much more professional.


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15 Responses to Presidential Debate #1

  1. I watched the debate as well! I found myself throwing things at the TV screen a few times because of Trump. Some of the things he said really pissed me off! Thanks for sharing the link!

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