Rae’s Rules to Remember #60: Now is Not the Time for Protest Votes

In case anyone doesn’t know (aside from the Democratic and Republican candidates), Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate and Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate.

Right now (10:40 am EST) #ImVoting4JillBecause is the number 7 top trend on Twitter.

I get it. I really do. Our two main options for president suck.

I know that you rather put your faith in someone who you actually believe in. And I am completely aware that everyone has the right to vote for the candidate that they want to vote for. It is their decision and only their’s. I know and I agree.

However, I don’t think that people realize how this could affect the election.

To be honest, we all know that a nominee outside of the Democratic or Republican Party is not going to make it into the White House. As unfortunate as that is, it’s not going to happen. At least not right now. Despite the fact that our options are pretty crappy, it’s safe to say that one is still better than the other. Yes, I am voting for Hillary.

As much as I love the idea of protest votes, they could be detrimental to the future of this country. Although, Trump has lost some support recently due to his inexcusable and disgusting comments, there are still A LOT of people defending him. Any vote that goes in as a protest could help him make it to the Oval Office. Yes, you could also say the reverse of that, and say that protest votes could help Hillary. However, the problem is, Trump shouldn’t even have made it this far in the first place. He has absolutely no political experience and his platform is based off  of hatred and bigotry. His supporters do the same thing that he does – they deny the horrible things that he has said despite the fact that there is proof! It doesn’t make any sense. He’s a terrible option for president, yet people still support and defend him. If he wins this…we’re screwed.

I know that I probably won’t change anyone’s mind and that’s fine but really think about what you want the future of this country to look like. Protest votes (or not voting at all) won’t help us get there.

With that said, here’s another reminder that the second presidential debate comes on tonight.

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10 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #60: Now is Not the Time for Protest Votes

  1. Jill Stein was my candidate of choice in 2012 because, even though Romney definitely was a threat, pretty much anyone that was politically savvy knew that he wasn’t going to win the presidency. I could do a protest vote then because I knew that it was as good a time as any to be able to support a third party candidate. However, you and every other progressive talking about this on the internet are right: this is absolutely not the time nor the political climate in which we need to be thinking about trying to elevate 3rd party candidates, especially now that primaries are over. The time to be trying to bring them further into the conversation was during primary season, but we neglected to do that properly.

    Granted, I’m now stuck having to vote for a candidate that I don’t fully back for a lot of reasons (the same reasons why I didn’t vote for President Obama in 2012), but she’s a lot better than the alternative. I’m cautiously hopeful that electing Hillary to the presidency will shut up a lot of the contrarians on the right who are truly acting out because they feel like someone like Trump is allowing them to let their shitty flags fly.

    Sorry, I’ve had a lot to drink tonight and I have A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS ELECTION. I’m also voting on DC statehood at the same time and that’s *terrifying* to be voting on two potentially historic decisions in one election.

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    • I agree with you. I love the idea of protest votes but not now. I don’t fully back Hillary but I could never vote for Trump. I kind of think that 3rd parties need to have attention drawn to then BEFORE the primaries! I don’t think many people know that there are even other options, ya know?
      No worries about the long comment, I appreciate it and your feelings are well placed. This election says a lot about the state of our country (and not in a good way)

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