Book Review: My Husband’s Wife

My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry



When young lawyer Lily marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start and leave the secrets of the past behind. But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe, a convicted murderer to whom Lily is strangely drawn—and for whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything.

But Lily is not the only one with secrets. Her next-door neighbor Carla may be only nine, but she has already learned that secrets are powerful things. That they can get her whatever she wants.

When Lily finds Carla on her doorstep twelve years later, a chain of events is set in motion that can end only one way.


My Husband’s Wife. Sounds like the title of a Lifetime movie right? In fact, it probably is. That’s the reason that I chose this book actually. Unfortunately, it’s not Lifetime material.

I honestly do not like a single character in this book. Not a one.

Ed is pretty awful from the very beginning. Still hung up on his ex, only marrying Lily so he can inherit a trust. An alcoholic. A cheater. There’s really nothing good about him.

Lily is also trash. Also a cheater. Attracted to a murderer who may or may not be the father of her child. Oh and a romantic relationship with her adopted brother? Yeah that was real weird.

I was really hoping that Carla would grow up to be the opposite of her mother. Francesca was an awful parent and taught her all of the wrong things. She has so much internalized sexism and is incredibly vain.

Finding out that Larry and Tony were the same person was interesting. A good twist that I didn’t see coming.

I was really hoping though that Carla and Ed didn’t become a thing. It’s weird. He’s so much older, he was kind of like a father figure to her. Plus, after Carla gets arrested, the phrase “my husband’s wife” is used like 100 times.

This story started off really well but fell flat.

3 stars.

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