Pride Month Readathons – Sign Up & TBRs


Hi all!

Pride Month is here and there’s so many amazing readathons that I want to join! It was so hard to choose just one, so I decided to join a few instead! Please let me know which ones you’re joining!

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Queers Gone By reading challenge


First up is Molly @ Bi Bookish Babe‘s reading and art challenge, Queers Gone By, which I am a host for! I created the reading prompts for Josephine Baker and Janelle Monáe.

I’m choosing Janelle Monae’s prompts to follow!


Read a book written or set during 1985-present day


Read a book, fiction or nonfiction, about a female musician or actress: Janelle is a singer, songwriter, actress and producer


Read a book with a Black female MC


Read a book with a pansexual main character: in April 2018, Janelle came out as pansexual


Read a dystopian or sci-fi novel: Janelle’s most recent concept album, Dirty…

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