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It’s Time! “Visions” is Now Live on Amazon

Originally posted on Julayn Adams:
I’m thrilled to announce that Visions, Book II of the Almana Series, is now live on Amazon. (It will be available across more platforms soon) ? Unfortunately, I didn’t realize ranking would show in preorders and…

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Visions Cover Reveal Today!

Originally posted on Julayn Adams:
I’m so excited to share the cover for the next chapter in the Almana Series, Visions! If you are a blogger/reviewer and would like an opportunity to read and review Almana in time for ARC’s,…

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Even Nice Guys Hate The Word “No”

Originally posted on Obvi, We're The Ladies:
My mother is from Brooklyn. Flatbush, to be exact. She is also a red-head. As a red-headed, freckled little girl in Flatbush between 1971-1994, you can imagine how quickly she learned to…

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At 14

Originally posted on Only See Your Good Side:
Lime green crop top, UV handprint stitched across the breast- something I stole from Camden market because I was the best at theft (and running). All that summer, I never bought a…

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This is my problem with people who have a problem with people who “take the knee”…See my problem?

Originally posted on Lolsys Library:
In case you don’t have a single social media account, which is entirely possible. You may or may not have missed the whole #taketheknee who-ha. If you did, here’s a bit of a break down:…

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My website it LIVE!

Hey friends! So I mentioned before that I wanted to start a website. I have and it is live. To visit it, click here.  I’m thinking that I’ll still use WordPress for a little while (until the end of the … Continue reading

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Muslim Women Don’t Exist As Your Sexual Object

Originally posted on MuslimGirlJournal:
I for one I’m tired of the discussion surrounding Muslim women from Muslim men. Particularly those on YouTube who have followers that swallow their rhetoric without question. Our religion has a beautiful tradition surrounding the importance…

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