Discussion Series: Conservative Politics

Welcome to the 2nd installment of my new discussion series. For more information on how this series started click here.

Today’s discussion will be centered around Conservative Politics

For the original article that I’m responding to, follow this link

First, let start by saying that no I do not think that all Conservatives are hateful. I know a few people who are republicans and who are very tolerant. However, it does appear that the people from this party who speak the loudest come off as hateful with some of the things that they say. On the other hand that can also be said for a lot of liberals. I’ve seen it and I will acknowledge it.

My first issue arises with the first paragraph, at the end. Why is it a bad thing to not want to offend other people? Why would you want to say something offensive? I don’t understand why it’s so hard to have an opinion that doesn’t have to include throwing insults at someone who’s different from you. Why is that necessary?

There’s also a massive amount of generalizing here which is noticeable, but the least concerning aspect of this article.

Moving forward, she talks about the way that she is treated due to having a difference of opinion. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree with you. I think she fails to realize though that a lot of the criticism she gets for being conservative, liberals also get. I guess I would consider myself liberal and trust me, I’ve been there. At some point you have to learn to pick your battles wisely because there’s a big difference between having a good, intellectual debate with someone who listens to you and having to talk in circles because someone thinks their opinion is the highest form of thinking there is.

Yes, the First Amendment is incredibly important in this country.  However, in terms of her comment about freedom of speech ending where feelings begins…. why does your expression of your opinion have to be rooted in insults? There’s a difference between not agreeing with someone about what classifies as “nice weather” and someone who believes that you deserve to be treated less than human or that you just shouldn’t exist at all. That’s not censorship, it’s being a decent human being.

I whole-heartedly agree that once someone starts name calling it’s because they have nothing valid to say………I also find it a little ironic that she says not to result to insults after referring to liberals as “snowflakes” and later “outspoken cry-babies.” Whatever happened to practice what you preach?

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7 Responses to Discussion Series: Conservative Politics

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    “Sorry liberals, but I luckily have the First Amendment to validate my opinions time and time again.”

    *bangs head against the wall* That’s not what the First Amendment does! The First Amendment doesn’t guarantee you a platform upon which to promote your opinion, & it doesn’t mean you can’t have people disagreeing, calling you names (although it’s unbecoming), nor asking your boss to pull your piece!

    You’re entitled to your opinion & the government can’t say, “You can’t say that.” The people can say it.

    “Nonetheless, I still get anxious when I publish work, especially considering that the domains I publish for are predominantly run by people with liberal values. I worry that they will not want all the “negative” attention drawn to the page and will thus prevent me from publishing my work. I don’t feel this way just when I am to publish a writing piece, I feel this way when I speak in class, which so far have all been taught by professors who let their liberal bias show through. “

    Also… the author is anxious when publishing, then isn’t anxious about it? I’m confused by these sentences. Maybe I’m reading it wrong?

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  2. I’m a female college student that attends school in the North with conservative views. I was one of the rare republicans in my area during the election. After Trump won I was met with comments such as “you’re racist for voting for him,” “you’re a priveledged white bitch,” “you’re just plain ignorant,” and “you hate gay people.” All these generalizations were downright wrong and offensive. It was extremely disappointing that people attached these stereotypes to me before giving me a chance to share my views. If they had, maybe they wouldn’t learned that although I’m fiscally conservative, socially I have a majority of liberal views.

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    • Those are awful. Like I said, I know a lot of liberals do come of hateful just as they perceive conservatives to but it seems neither side is willing to flip the script and check themselves. Calling you a bitch was way over the line, I’m sorry you had these experiences.

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