Justifying Oppression: The Lie of Attacking Police

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Since it is National Police Week, Trump gave a speech yesterday recognizing all the officers killed in the line of duty. He declared that the attacks on law enforcement “must end right now.” Lets get a few things straight:

Regardless of what the latest Law & Order episode told you, being a police officer is not the most dangerous profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that law enforcement doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for deaths on the job. The rate of fatalities among police officers are dwarfed by those suffered by logging workers, roofers, and construction laborers. But of course, the government doesn’t recognize these deaths as a structure of violence or demand that attacks on the working class “must end right now.”

Police officers are not under attack. We are. Lets do some basic math. In 2016, 143 police officers were killed, while 963…

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