My Black Feminist ‘A-Ha’ Moment

Everyone needs to read this. I can relate to almost all of these experiences

Obvi, We're The Ladies

I was born in 1991—the dawn of the Girl Power era. Feminism as we knew it was over, and my friends and I could grow up to be anything. Buffy was kicking evil vampire ass every week, and Mulan saved China while staying true to herself. My friends and I would have lengthy debates on which Spice Girl we were (I’m Baby Spice), and Barbie was a dentist, a firefighter, and a Presidential candidate.

My family raised me to love school, to work hard, and to never settle for less than I deserve. They told me that I could be anything and that there were no limitations on what I could do as a girl.

However, my race and gender intertwined in such a way that I did at times feel limited.  My identity was in fact an obstacle that I struggled to verbalize or even understand for years.


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2 Responses to My Black Feminist ‘A-Ha’ Moment

  1. lizzielegit says:

    The world is quite fucked up especially by those who try to set stupid boundaries for black girls but thanks to heroes like Dolly Parton. Now I believe boundaries are so weak you can snap them like twigs_ with your ‘f’ them hands of determination


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