This or That? #76 (Conclusion)

Happy Friday!

This week we talked about what we would do if we were halfway through  a series and the most recent book just wasn’t that good. 55% of us said that we would finish the series right away since we’re already halfway there. 19% said they would put it back on their TBR and finish it at a later time. Another 19% said it depends on how good (or bad) book 4 is. And 7% said that they would just call it quits!

Check out this week’s posts from Journey into Books, Sarah @ Sarah Withers Blogs , Lauren @ Lolsy’s Library, Lindsey @ Paradis Books and Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages and see what they would do in this situation.

That’s all for now, I’ll have another question for you on Monday! 🙂


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