Help me pick a series!

Hey all,

The other day I said that I didn’t want to read Throne of Glass until the series is complete. Because it will no longer be finished this year I wanted some input on what series should take it’s place. I’ve taken the suggestions that you gave me and put them together in a poll which will run for one week.

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8 Responses to Help me pick a series!

  1. ashley says:

    I can’t vote on the poll, but I vote for The Selection.

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  2. Im not sure if my vote has gone through, but I voted for Mara Dyer, it is so good!
    – Yasmin

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  3. Reblogged this on bookmarkchronicles and commented:

    Only a few more days! Don’t forget to vote. Looks like Raven Boys might win!


  4. I voted for the Raven Boys, but I also liked the Firebird series. However, I am not done with that yet, so I have no idea if the last book will be satisfying. I found the Selection series HIGHLY annoying though. I was constantly frustrated with everyone. It’s a really quick read on the other hand, if you ever want to read some twisted version of the Bachelor.

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    • I’ve heard a lot of people saying that The Selection was similar to The Bachelor. I don’t know if I would like it, I don’t even watch the show. I think I’ll keep Firebird on my TBR for a later time, I’ve heard only good things so far!

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