Being an Introvert

A lot of people are surprised when they realize that I’m an introvert. Most people know me as the ultimate student leader. An RA, the one in charge of multiple organizations, the person who knows and runs almost every event on campus, the outspoken and opinionated feminist. How could she possible be an introvert?

The truth is, I would prefer not to have to speak to people most of the time. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t.

I especially don’t like talking to strangers. I read when I’m on the bus or train so I don’t have to talk to people. I wear headphones when most of the time so that people assume that I can’t hear them.

My favorite part of working in retail, is when I do inventory because I get to stay in the stock room and I don’t have to talk to people.

As far as being a student leader goes, I never planned on simultaneously running three organizations. I just wanted to help out and do the behind the scenes details to see everything come together. For events when someone was required to get on stage and make announcements, I typically had someone on my subcommittee do it so that I didn’t have to.

This is also the reason that I don’t go out to bars with my friends often. Most of my friends went out every Thursday while we were in college…. I joined them once. The only person who could actually convince me to go out often is my friend Denise because with her I know that I’ll have a good time no matter what.

Ideally, I would prefer to stay in the comfort of my own home and read, blog, maybe even catch up on some Netflix. The exception are my really close friends. Sometimes even a text message bothers me unless it’s someone that I actually want to talk to. Otherwise, I don’t feel like keeping up the effort to have a conversation.

Recently, some of my coworkers  who are extroverts seem to have a hard time understanding that I’m not “being mean” I just don’t want to talk, especially if you interrupted me while I’m reading. Then they get made when I don’t engage enthusiastically in the conversation and later say, “well that’s my personality. I just friendly and outgoing.” Yes, I understand that. But you can’t use that excuse and want me to respect your personality if you can’t do the same. Just because we work together, doesn’t mean that we are friends. Just because we had a conversation one time, doesn’t mean that I want you to be in my face as soon as I walk through the door.

So, no I’m not being rude but you constantly interrupting me kinda is……

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8 Responses to Being an Introvert

  1. [ Smiles ] I believe that no one is 100% introverted or 100% extroverted. There would be those moments when we would be extroverted as well as extroverted.


  2. I can concur with the text messages! Sometimes you just don’t want to deal.

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  3. I feel you on this! I’m an introvert too! Do you ever find the incessant talking from extroverts to be exhausting?! I mean … I am happy for the interaction but there comes a point when my head starts to hurt and I need to get out of there. And for me, that point is aboouuuuuttt 90 seconds into the discussion lol

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