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The Dating Game: The Gentleman

Hi all, continuing the story from my second year of college. Henry was unexpected. After the whole mess with Brandon, I wasn’t really looking for anyone. Plus, I was busy and had more important things to worry about. We had … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Life: Nine more days of Whole30 woo! I could really go for a burger right about now! Last that I checked I was down 10 pounds. While I do plan to keep it up at least 5 days a week, … Continue reading

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The Dating Game: A Drunken Mistake

Story time loves! Now we are jumping into my college years. My freshman year of college was a damn good one. My roommate and I had bonded. We’d both joined an early move in program that helped us get to … Continue reading

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The Dating Game: Fatal Attraction

Welcome to the first installment of The Dating Game! This story takes place during my senior year of high school. Grade 12 was an awful year for me. I had just transferred schools from a place that I loved, to … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Hey friends, Checking in for the week: Life: So I’ve completed week 2 of Whole30 and I feel much better. I’m down 10 pounds which is nice. I’ve also started working out again, just a little. My muscles can’t withstand … Continue reading

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Introduction to The Dating Game

Hi friends, I’ve come to announce a new series that I’m launching called “The Dating Game”! First, to be clear, I do not at all consider dating a game. I actually take it pretty seriously. Given that (when dating) I’m … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Two of my friends – Taylor and Carla – have done posts on being mindful and with everything going on I thought it could be useful for me. I’ve just completed my second week working full time (after a year … Continue reading

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