I’m not going to waste my time explaining to people what this means anymore. If you can’t understand then you need to check your privilege.

First Alton Sterling show while being restrained by two police officers.

Philando Castile pulled over for a busted taillight, following the directions that the office gave him and shot four times with his daughter in the backseat of the car.

Then a black man is found hanging from a tree in the south and it’s ruled a suicide without an investigation despite the fact that the KKK was openly recruiting there the night before.

Not to mention the fact that KKK is still freaking legal.


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23 Responses to #BlackLivesMatter

  1. The problem with #BlackLivesMatter is, appalling as it may be, that that’s not an established fact. Much of the evidence points to the contrary. There are people who *must* believe black lives don’t matter. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion, right?
    I think for people to start to take personal responsibility for the issue the question we must ask is: do *YOU* believe black lives matter?

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    • I’m not quite sure if I’m understanding what you’re saying. Please explain?!

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      • The movement isn’t reaching the people it needs to reach; so a different approach is needed. Consider the effects of language alone:

        The tagline in itself implies there isn’t a problem. No problem = inaction.


      • I disagree. At this point even if people used All Lives Matter it still wouldn’t be enough. I don’t think the problem is with language I think its that people either refuse to see what the movement is about or they just don’t care. You can ask people if they believe that blacks lives matter but I still think that the people who combat it with all lives matter will say no.

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      • All lives matter is just a racist movement in disguise. I think people need to be shocked into action, and language can do that. The tagline #blacklivesmatter isn’t doing that. Something much more dramatic is called for at this point. A week doesn’t go by in which something like this doesn’t happen.


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  3. No way is the KKK still legal? Really?!


  4. Tammi Kale says:

    I’ve never protested anything in my life, but the deaths of Sterling and Castile have me ready to change that……..I am just so furious!!

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    • It’s hard not to be. Castile did everything that he was asked to. It doesn’t make sense. But since the officer that killed Freddie Gray wasn’t charged I have a feel these two won’t be either


  5. LorevaRaven says:

    I completely agree! This is absolutely infuriating and it really needs to stop. It has come to the point where something like this happens every single day and innocent lives are taken, leaving close ones more and more scarred/scared each day. We should not have a new hashtag everyday for this, they are still people and Black Lives Matter!

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    • My point is people have been saying black lives matter for a while now- how has that worked for Castile or Sterling? We shouldn’t *need a new approach*? Seriously? Because it’s all working so well?
      If something’s not working denial isn’t going to help. A conversation needs to be initiated on how to reach these men with the guns who are in a position to end people’s lives.

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      • I’m not disagreeing with that but I also don’t think that a hashtag should make or break the movement. And a lot of the people who were arguing for the second amendment right after Orlando are now saying Castile shouldn’t have had a gun.
        I’m not saying that change isn’t needed, I’m just not sure if the people who opposed the movement before and now will change their minds

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      • You’re right. But the thing is we need to find a way, to find an angle, to find a solution. To somehow reach these people. The alternative is what we’ve got now.


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  7. tatyfortune says:

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  8. Thank you for the post. Loved reading it. It explained everything I’m always saying.

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