Weekly Update


Nine more days of Whole30 woo! I could really go for a burger right about now! Last that I checked I was down 10 pounds. While I do plan to keep it up at least 5 days a week, I miss my damn coffee creamer! Hopefully, I can use less of it but I will definitely be adding that back to my diet.

To my Aussie friends, I know you all are still processing the terror attack this week and I just want to say I understand. I mean, let’s be honest. This shit happens in America all the time so maybe we’ve become….not used to it but we’re not surprised by it anymore. You’ll get through it, don’t worry.

To the Muslim community, I stand with you. People have tried to frame Muslims as terrorists because of a tragedy that hit us 18 years ago, but then when a terror attack happens to them they almost try to justify it. It’s sickening.


Finally finished I’ll Give You the Sun. It was okay but not great. Now I’m reading OF Fire & Stars which is one of the books that I mentioned in my discussion on f/f romance.


Now that The Dating Game is happening I hope you all see my dilemma. Each story is going to get more outrageous and this is exactly why I’m not dating right now. I’m also going to get back into my author reviews soon. I just always want to make sure that I read enough before judging.

What have you all been up to?

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5 Responses to Weekly Update

  1. littlebookynook says:

    You have done amazing with Whole30!!! I wonder if I should try something like that…I find it really hard to lose any weight, and I really love sugar…sigh.

    It has been a tough couple of days. New Zealand is such a peaceful country, and to then see someone from Australia carry out something so evil, it’s just horrible. But our politicians and media are white supremacists, as much as they deny it.

    I love your Dating Game posts. I need to do a little catch up so don’t be surprised if you get an influx of likes and comments from me over the next few days. I have been a pretty slack blogger, but I am in the process of buying a house so it is pretty stressful times lol.

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    • Thank you Stef, I really appreciate it!! My weakness was sugar too, I have such a sweettooth. I definitely recommend it. I know know that I CAN resist even some of my favorite snacks. I don’t want to but I will have to if I want to keep the weight off.

      It’s so sad. You literally can’t go anywhere anymore without fearing something awful will happen. Same in America for the whole white supremacy thing. It’s disgusting.

      Haha thank you, they are about to get worse, I promise hahaha.

      Omg congrats/good luck on the house hunt! That’s so excited…and so grown up! I’m apartment hunting and that’s stressful, I can’t imagine how rough becoming a homeowner can be!

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  2. ashley says:

    The news about New Zealand is definitely heartbreaking, and I think because we’re so used to it happening in America when it happens to us it isn’t surprising anymore, which is sad thinking about it. I’ve been loving your dating game posts, and I love that you’re sharing your experiences.

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    • Agreed, I have such a lack of emotion now. I’m still sad, angry, and heartbroken but it just happens so often, those feelings just never actually go away before another tragedy happens.

      Thank you, I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences and I kind of just need to rant about the ridiculousness of it all. I hate dating lol it really sucks.


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