Guest Post by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety – The Truth About Writing: It’s Not That Simple

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B.G. from Getting Through Anxiety has written another wonderful guest post. If you aren’t familiar with her yet make sure you check out her blog!


“Everyone can write.”

I hate when people say this. While I understand that many people can yes, literally write, that’s not what people mean when they say this. No. What people usually mean when they say this is that anyone can write a good story. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s true.

Writing takes talent and practice. While anyone can string words together and write about their experiences, not everyone can do it well. I remember telling this woman once that I wanted to be a writer and she made some comment about how anyone could do it. Now she wasn’t saying that writing wasn’t important or that true authors didn’t need much skill, but I think she was trying to say that anyone could be a good writer if they just put pen to paper and expressed themselves.

While I agree that writing is a universal way of expression (and a good one at that), the truth is that writing takes great skill. Just as not everyone is born with the talent to solve complex mathematical equations or draw, not everyone has the ability to move people with the written word.

As someone who loves to write and hopes to one day be a professional author, I hate the fact that some people seem to think that writing takes no talent whatsoever. Writing a good article, post, poem, or story is not easy. Writing is an art. Writing takes hard work, concentration, and yes – talent.

I think it’s a major disgrace to say that “anyone can write”. Saying this seems to minimize the effects of truly amazing writing. Not everyone can just pick up a pen and become the next Ernest Hemingway. Not everyone can just go over to the nearest computer and become the next Harlan Coben or James Patterson. How many people do you see writing books that become bestsellers? Not many.

There are many different levels of skilled writing – there’s no denying that. Everyone has their own tastes and therefore, different readers will appreciate different writing styles. Still, not everyone can be a “writer” and not everyone can write. Some people can try and try and never be good at writing. Period. It’s sad, sure, but it’s true.

Good writing is grammatically correct. Good writing whisks the reader away and takes them to a world full of wonder. A good piece of writing makes someone forget that they are reading and forget the world around them. Good writing is like a good TV show – for that moment, all your fears and your worries disappear.

Please don’t sit there and say that anyone can be a writer. They can’t. Not everyone can put words to paper and move people. Not everyone has the ability to enter the reader’s soul and make them feel as if their hearts have wings.

When you’re reading a book, piece of poetry, or article, remember how much hard work went into those words. Think about how much thought the author put into the pages, how much time and effort was put into making everything perfect – just for you. Now tell me, can everyone do that?


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19 Responses to Guest Post by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety – The Truth About Writing: It’s Not That Simple

  1. Thanks so much for posting this for me!

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  2. Reblogged this on Getting Through Anxiety and commented:
    Rae from Bookmark Chronicles was kind enough to feature this guest post of mine! Thanks Rae!

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  3. kristianw84 says:

    I completely agree with you! Some people just aren’t good at expressing themselves on paper. There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t take away the charm, hard work, and dedication from the creative mind of the writer who wrote their book, poem, etc…

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  4. Laura Beth says:

    This comment bothers me, too. It’s definitely not easy, nor simple. Example: My husband has admitted to me that he’s not at all a writer, hence why he was very uncomfortable with the proposition of writing our own wedding vows (Thinking about it now, I’m very grateful that we had the help from our amazing pastor – I would have put way too much pressure on myself!)

    I’m not the best writer, either. That’s why I have my blog – Practicing is one of the best ways to improve. Feedback is incredibly important, too. For me, I’m always studying writing – Whether it’s reading books, articles, other blogs, and so on – because I know that if I keep reading, my writing will improve, over time.

    This was a great article, B.G.! Thank you!

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  5. carlalouise89 says:

    I so agree! There’s plenty of actual published books I’ve read that aren’t good, and I’m literally dumbfounded as to how they were ever published! Writing – especially when we’re talking about a novel – takes serious discipline. The only way you can really write well is if everything is planned. If you have background knowledge of your characters. That, in itself, can take months, if not years, to create. And it’s essential – because if you don’t know where your story is going, how is the audience going to? So often I’ve read books and I feel like the author’s panicked, wanted a good ending, and just slapped something together. Great post, B! Thanks for sharing Rae!

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    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Carla and for reading! I totally agree with you that some books just seemed slapped together and that writing takes hard work and discipline. That’s why I hate when people make it like anyone can do it!

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      • carlalouise89 says:

        Me too! Not everyone can, and that’s okay. Just like not everyone can build a table or create a new app. Not everyone can do everything, and that’s okay.

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  6. michnavs says:

    I enjoyed reading this in as much as i enioyed reading all of the comments..

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