Rae’s Rules to Remember #13: Feminism Myths Part 2

By no means am I posting this to “turn everyone into a feminist” or shame the people who don’t identify as one. Do I think that you should be a feminist because it’s fair and the right thing to do…yes. But you make your own choices.

Also, note that if you disagree with my view, but are incapable of having a respectful conversation about this and try to attack me personally, then don’t even bother commenting because I do not have time for disrespectful, closed-minded people.


So, there’s been a picture floating around on Facebook that has been reposted by a few people (all of which have been deleted from my friends list) But it is posted below:


By definition, gender equality simply means that men and women receive the same treatment, resources, and not be discriminated against. Period. And that is what I, as a feminist, stand for. Where above are both men and women in this picture seen getting the same reaction for the same reasons? You don’t.

I won’t go through all of these but let’s just start with the first one.

  • If you put your hands on another human being and it’s not in self defense, you are a coward, man or woman. There’s no reason for it, and you have no right to do it.
  • Getting an unexpected kiss (from someone who isn’t a stranger) isn’t a bad thing. It can be cute/romantic either way, but at the end of the day it really just depends on how the person that it happens to feels about it. No one else gets to dictate your response to anything.

REAL feminists fight for gender equality. That means leveling the playing the field for both men and women where they are disadvantaged. The problem is that so many people misuse the term and that a lot of people are questioning what it means or believing false definitions. Feminism was never meant to put one group over the other but people have distorted it to seem that way. Instead of believing everything that you read on the internet, do some research, talk to people, educate yourself and others.

Moral of the Story:Β If you think that this is equality, then you may want to invest in a dictionary.



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15 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #13: Feminism Myths Part 2

  1. Isn’t it tiresome to constantly feel as if we need to be embarrassed, or apologetic, or humble, or super careful about expressing that women must be treated with the same level of respect as men are? Wage equality is an especially huge hot button for me.

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  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I agree it’s equaling it out on both sides.

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  3. DaisyWillows says:

    AMEN! I agree with you. I am a feminist. We all deserve to be treated equally even Transgender or genders who don’t identify them selves as man or female. Eve makes a good point about the wage issue. I think there is still some way to go for gender quality in general. πŸ™‚ great post btw

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  4. “Where above are both men and women in this picture seen getting the same reaction for the same reasons?”

    Great post.

    This is what many advocates of ‘equality’ seem to miss. Crummy ‘equal’ treatment under the same oppressive system (that causes the inequality in the first place) is still crummy treatment, So, rather than work on changing the system that promotes this inherent injustice, we get stuff like the cartoon depicted above.

    Equality without justice is bunk. πŸ™‚

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