A Bibliophile’s Christmas Wish List

As a book lover there are a few things that I wouldn’t mind seeing this Christmas. This may not apply to everyone but I think that we will all agree on some of these

  • A Christmas tree of books

book christmas tree Can you imagine seeing this on Christmas morning! This wouldn’t just be a tree made of books, but a tree of brand new books. All of the ones that you wanted for Christmas 🙂

  • A clip on book light

I like to read right before I go to bed and I have to wear glasses because I’m near sighted. If I had something like this it would save me from having to get back up and turn the light off before I go to sleep. Since I literally read until I fall asleep, the last thing that I want to have to do is walk across the room

  • A book nook

Turn Closet into Play Area | It’s called the “closet reading nook,” and it’s been popping ...: Despite the fact that my current apartment is kind of small, there is a corner that I don’t use. If I could build a little reading space, I definitely would. It could also be useful for homework

  • A fully stocked bookshelf

interesting adding the shelf of teapots...:

Because I’ve been in campus housing for four years, all of my books have been kept in a bin. I wish that I could display them in my apartment instead. I’ve also always wanted to be able to color code my bookshelf. I color code my classes for school so maybe that’s the OCD talking

  • A B&N Gift card

Say I did get a Christmas tree of books, well…you can never have too many books. My TBR is pretty long already and friends are constantly recommending new books, so it keeps getting longer and longer. AND most (if not all) of the stores have a Starbucks in them so its really the perfect place for me

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8 Responses to A Bibliophile’s Christmas Wish List

  1. The tree of books looks so cool! Also, a book nook would be really cool (and cute). Sadly, my bookshelf is already full (I keep CDs and DVDs in it too and it’s getting overcrowded.) 😦

    Gift cards are always nice too! 🙂

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  2. A tree out of books? I think I would faint if I ever saw that on Christmas morning. My book nook is my bed hahahaha, but I wouldn’t mind another small space to read in.

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  3. Marilyn Collins says:

    Thanks for the photos. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  4. tracyeire says:

    Can’t have a book-nook? I bet just about anyone can build and decorate a book tree! XD Then you can fix tea, turn out the lamps, and read by the light of your tree. That’s a Merry Christmas!

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