Rae’s Rules to Remember #4

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Rae’s Rules to Remember

Most of these will be based off of personal experiences that I may be having at a certain time, or from conversations with friends. Essentially, they will be mini life lessons, or just me venting about something that has happened recently. Feel free to jump in and comment if you can relate.

So this time is pretty much going to be me venting about one of my pet peeves which involves people in movie theaters.

Here’s the thing: no one wants to hear you talk while they’re trying to watch a movie (at least not in the theater). The reason that it’s heavily advertised that you silence your cell phone before the movie is because it’s distracting and annoying. That also goes for your side conversations.

Unless you actually know how to whisper, then you shouldn’t even attempt to talk during a movie because the conversation that you start with the person next to you ends up being heard by everyone in your section.

The one thing that makes me extremely angry is when someone is talking during a movie and they obviously didn’t read the book that it was based off of! To be completely honest, if you don’t read the books that are the source of movies that you “love” then your opinion kind of doesn’t matter to me because you don’t have the full experience.

When I went to see Mockingjay Part 2, I ended up in front of a girl who 1. wouldn’t stop talking and 2. had clearly not read the series. If you had read the book then you wouldn’t be surprised by the ending. The rest of us already knew how it ended but even if we hadn’t we don’t need your commentary since we’re all watching it in the same theater…

Moral of the Story: Don’t be that annoying person that talks all the way through the movie. Especially if you didn’t bother reading the book


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3 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #4

  1. supkid19 says:

    This is so annoying! I went to see a play last night, and had the same problem! It was even worse because it is pretty rude to do to the performers as well.

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