This or That? #84 (Conclusion)

Hey all,

This week we talked about whether or not we have ordered book subscription boxes. 84% of us said no. However, many of us have wanted to.

So from my research, the best thing that I can tell you is to go to and find what genre you’re interested in under Book Clubs. There are tons including OwlCrate, Book Box Club, and Fandom of the Month. Most boxes do ship internationally but the farther away you are it can get a bit expensive.

CrateJoy also has all types of different boxes like foods, beverages, crafts and other cool stuff and includes boxes that are popular both in the states and in the UK.

I did want to highlight a few boxes that I thought were cool.

Wonder Girl Box (YA)

  • $34.99
  • Includes goodies that promote self care and empowerment
  • Celebrates girl power
  • Donates some of profits to organizations working with women and girls

Fairy Loot (YA Fantasy)

  • £26 + shipping
  • Each box has a theme
  • Buddy reading card
  • 5-6 goodies
  • Letter from the author
  • Mini newsletter
  • Option for single purchases
  • Ships internationally

Illumicrate (Various genres)

  • £29.99
  • 4 boxes a year
  • Includes various goodies
  • Ships internationally

Book and a Brew

  • £12.99 per month
  • Includes a book and TEA!
  • Option for single purchases rather than a subscription
  • Ships only withing the UK and the EU (except Spain, Italy, and Portugal)

Chocolate and a book (This is also through cratejoy but I think it’s super cool)

  • Comes with chocolate goodness!
  • You can choose your genre!
  • Ships internationally

Make sure you check out this week’s posts from Journey into Books, Sarah @ Sarah Withers Blogs and Lindsey @ Paradis Books. I’ll see you all again on Monday!


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