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A lot of people are claiming to be “surprised” by the Neo-Nazi, alt-right riots that are taking place. To those people, I have to ask……..was it really so easy for you to “forget” that this country was built on the … Continue reading

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The Romper Thing

I don’t even understand why this is a thing right now. So in case you don’t know I guess rompers are now being made for men…. and people are freaking out over it. First of all, clothes have no gender. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Discussion Series!

Hey friends! So I mentioned a little while ago that I was in both a reading and writing slump, but I’m back! To get things going again, I’m going to start doing a discussion series based on a few articles … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month

As most of you know April is Autism Awareness Month. Or as some people prefer, Autism Acceptance Month.¬†From my understanding it seems that people are pushing more towards “acceptance” because a lot of people still associate “awareness” with Autism Speaks. … Continue reading

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Friends. This is a page in my university magazine with cropped version of my graduation photo where I am shaking hands with the President of the university and receiving my (fake) diploma. Most people would be excited about this right? … Continue reading

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Raising awareness has to be inclusive

Yesterday I saw one of those “copy and paste this” Facebook statuses that said: “Mental abuse is worse than physical abuse. Memories last forever but cuts and bruises heal.” Apparently, this is something that people are sharing to raise awareness … Continue reading

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The Small Problem with A Day Without Women

First, I have to thank Kat @ The Patchwork Diaries for her post A Day Without Mom because that was the inspiration for this post. Give it a read, it really puts things into perspective. I totally understand the message … Continue reading

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