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Where’s the F/F Romance??

You ever notice the lack of f/f romance out there? The yesterday, while perusing the aisles at Barnes & Noble, my friend Bria and I started talking about how m/m romances seem to be more common than f/f. In my … Continue reading

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Listening to Marginalized Groups

It’s been about a year since I chose to cut off someone that I once considered a friend. This person reblogged something that I found offensive on a blog that we shared. The intention wasn’t to be offensive, but this … Continue reading

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Why I’m Starting to Dislike Gina Rodriguez

Many of you may know Gina Rodriguez as the star of Jane the Virgin. While I had never watched the show, I had heard great things about it and was really interested in supporting a popular show with a Latinx … Continue reading

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Ignoring Racism Won’t Make it Go Away

“The only way to end racism is to stop talking about it.” In case you didn’t already know, this quote is complete bullshit. Let me explain why: Ignoring a problem is not the proper way to handle it. For example, … Continue reading

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Things You DON’T Say During Black History Month (or ever)

Hi all, Happy February! As many of you know, in the states this month is Black History Month. I am sharing a post that I do every February because with the world we live in, apparently a lot of people … Continue reading

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Discussion: A Spark of Light & Women’s Reproductive Rights

Let me start by saying that I fully expect that the opinions left on this article will differ. Differ from my own and from some of my friends. That is okay and I encourage it. This is a place to … Continue reading

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Statutory Rape is Still Rape

Yes you read that title correctly and YES there are people in this world who somehow “don’t get it.” I was scrolling on Twitter and this man (bless him) was advocating for rape/sexual assault victims and dropping the mic all … Continue reading

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