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Some of you may have noticed this hashtag or even just these two words floating around on social media. It’s a movement that was started to acknowledge how many people (women specifically) have been sexually assaulted and harassed. Let me … Continue reading

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

I’ve never understood why “Columbus Day” was a thing. Even when we were little we were taught that Christopher Columbus thought he made it to India but didn’t yet there’s a national holiday for him “discovering America.” None of that … Continue reading

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Brock Turner vs Sophie Pointon

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know what I think of Brock Turner, his case and how despicable our justice system can be. If not, read this. Any form of sexual assault is vile and perpetrators need … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Awareness

I’m resharing something I wrote a year ago because it’s too important not to. If this same situation happened again, I’m pretty sure that the outcome would be the same and that is exactly the problem Aside from October being┬áBreast … Continue reading

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A lot of people are claiming to be “surprised” by the Neo-Nazi, alt-right riots that are taking place. To those people, I have to ask……..was it really so easy for you to “forget” that this country was built on the … Continue reading

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The Romper Thing

I don’t even understand why this is a thing right now. So in case you don’t know I guess rompers are now being made for men…. and people are freaking out over it. First of all, clothes have no gender. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Discussion Series!

Hey friends! So I mentioned a little while ago that I was in both a reading and writing slump, but I’m back! To get things going again, I’m going to start doing a discussion series based on a few articles … Continue reading

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