The Game | Season 1

Y’all. I only watched bits and pieces of The Game when it first came out and naturally I’ve heard about some of the events that take place but I’ve only finished season 1 so far and THIS SHIT IS TRASH!!!

Like Derwin is literally trash and Melanie should have left his ass 3 times already so I understand how there’s so many seasons.

Derwin is basically a fuck boy. If he doesn’t get his way he throws a temper tantrum and tries to make it Melanie’s fault. When he said she could move out, she should’ve left his ass. When he got mad at her for not wanting to move across the country while she’s in the middle of med school, she should’ve left his ass. She finally did after finding out that he cheated but that’s only season one!! How? Make it make sense. And from my understanding they get back together at some point and I just don’t see how that was even an option.

It couldn’t be me

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  1. I’m guessing that this isn’t the same “The Games”, made in Australia, just before the Sydney 2000 Olympics?lol

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