Let’s Chat: Twilight and Midnight Sun

Hey y’all,

I somehow missed that this was the week that Midnight Sun was being released so I filmed a bonus video for this week.

I will not be reading Midnight Sun but I am curious about if and how Stephanie Meyer has taken the time to address all of the problematic content in Twilight.If you happen to see any reviews please send them my way as I am really curious.

I’m not at all judging those who are reading it but as an adult I know I wouldn’t enjoy reading it so I’m not willing to force myself to. Whether you enjoy it or not, let me know your thoughts if you plan on reading it. I’m so interested to see how the bookish community will respond!

Also, please consider donating to the Quileute tribe if you are able The representation that they received in this saga was not well done and currently they need to move to higher ground for their safety. You can read all about it here: https://mthg.org/

Are you reading Midnight Sun? What are your thoughts on Twilight in general?

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