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Hi friends,

I finally finished my reread of the Hunger Games trilogy. And it is complete with a rant about Gale 🙂

My review of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will be up on Tuesday!

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4 Responses to Book Review | Mockingjay

  1. Ariel Lynn says:


    On your rant about Gale – Soooo agree. Plus, after all Katniss went through, he’s way too excited to go about killing all the people in the mine in District 2. She hates killing people, was forced to kill people, and Gale was like, “Eh, whatever. Kill ’em all.”

    Like, seriously? Dick.

    Which makes me wonder why Katniss said the Capital children should be forced to play a final Hunger Games. I feel like she only said that to lull President Coin into a false sense of security so she could kill her?

    But, I have to disagree that she only has kids because Peeta wanted them. There was a reason Katniss said she didn’t want kids: she couldn’t bear the thought of seeing them in the Hunger Games. She felt she couldn’t bring a child into the world that she might see “get reaped.”

    Not to mention the crippling poverty and dangerous living conditions of District 12.

    I see it as Katniss changed her mind about having kids when she saw that the world wasn’t going to be as dangerous as her own childhood. Honestly, I didn’t even get my usual twinge about it, being a woman who doesn’t want kids. Sometimes, situations change… I still don’t want kids, but Katniss can go do Katniss.

    Great video! I liked seeing your passion when kvetching about Gale. Dick. LOL


    • Gale is honestly the worst.

      Yeah I think she was just doing it to appeal to Coin, cause that’s definitely out of character for her.

      Yes I took the Games into consideration there however, directly from the book it says “It took 15 for me to agree. But Peeta wanted them so badly.” Frankly, if it takes that long for anyone to agree to anything they probably don’t want to do it.

      I’m not saying she can’t want them I never said she couldn’t have changed her mind . But to be totally honest, if you read them all back to back like that plus the way its worded in the epilogue it really does not seem like that was the case

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        I know. Gale is, like, “Kill, kill, kill!” He doesn’t care that it hurts Katniss.

        Coin was pretty awful too.

        I think Katniss’s reasons for changing her mind about kids is open to interpretation. But, I agree – she definitely said she didn’t want them. Then she had them. That sort of representation in media is worrisome, regardless. 🙂


      • Yeah I think Collins just could have done a better job of it. Because the way it’s written in the epilogue makes me cringe

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