Tropes that I HATE!

I know there are people out there that really love tropes but I think I really only like one (enemies to lovers)

As far as the ones that I dislike….love triangles are at the top of the list!!

What are your thoughts on these tropes? Love em or hate em?

Let me know!

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2 Responses to Tropes that I HATE!

  1. thebookcorps says:

    Love this video! “Y’all are petty” yes we are lmao. I love rants!! And so agree with your thoughts about love triangles – you can always tell when one of the love interests just don’t have a chance, so what’s the point then?

    And omg I hate Simon too! I just don’t get why everyone loves him?? And he has two beautiful women chasing after him — I don’t believe that at all. Maia and Isabelle are so amazing (and 10x hotter than him) why would they want to date him?? But yeah, Clary and Simon’s attempt at dating was Trash. I’m rereading the series with someone who’s never read it before and she was full-on cringing during those scenes lmao.

    And definitely agree with girl hate, it’s my most hated trope ever. having just reread TMI, I saw so much girl hate between Isabelle and Clary and it surprised me because I hadn’t noticed it on my previous reads. Like Clary calls Isabelle a bitch when Simon gets turned into a rat … how is that Isabelle’s fault? And Clary continually slut-shames Isabelle, it pissed me off so much. I’m seeing a different side to this series and I’m not liking it lmao. I have all these nostalgic feels for it because I was 14 the first time I read it so I think my love for the series has kind of coloured the negative aspects, which I’m now seeing.

    And massive agree on the tokenised BIPOC character, it’s so lazy and disrespectful. Especially because those characters are more likely to be killed off than the white characters in the series. Idk if you’ve read Throne of Glass, but that’s a perfect example. the one woman of colour in the series is killed at the end of the second book – and she was the only person of colour in the Entire 7 book series. Trash.

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    • Thank you!!! Hahah I love the petty, I’m here for it!
      Yeah like maybe there’s a “good” love triangle out there somewhere but I haven’t seen it yet
      Simon is TRASH!!!! What is the hype about? Honestly Maia and Izzy are wayyy out of his league. Aww I feel bad for your friend haha and I’m sorry it’s not holding up the way you hoped. There are so many cringe-worthy scenes in that series….
      Right like legit question: what is the purpose of girl hate? Why is it STILL a thing. And you’re right about the slut shaming. I loved that Izzy was super sexy like yes, give me more of that confidence
      Yup, tbh I think that’s a part of the reason that I haven’t read ToG. I’ve been hearing about that particular character for YEARS and I think it just turned me off to it. I’ going to give it a shot at some point though.

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