Ringing in the New Year Book Tag!

Hi all, I know I’m late to my own party but I’ve been busy

Let’s do it!

  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Link to the creator of the tag (Bookmark Chronicles) – I do this because I love reading everyone’s responses
  • Share the tag image (or make your own but mention the host)
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag friends (or not if you don’t feel like it)

Best book/series that you’ve read in 2018?

This is really hard for me so I’m doing top 5

  • The Seven Husbands on Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst
  • Sadie by Courtney Summers
  • Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Authors that you’ve recently found and would like to read more of in the new year

  • Audrey Coulthurst. I know she has another book out that’s also f/f and I’ve really loved her work so far

Best book turned movie/tv show in 2018? 

  • I know I’m late to the party but since I just watched it this year: Game of Thrones…..I never read the books but I honestly can’t read George R. R. Martin

Most anticipated book turned movie/tv show for 2019?

  • If it is to be released this year (which I doubt) Shadow and Bone! I can’t wait to see how they bring the characters to life!

Midnight Kiss: favorite ship of the year?

  • This one was surprising to me but…..Donatella and Dante. I fell in love with Dante during Legendary. I plan to start Finale later today

What’s on your TBR for 2019? 

  • I said this last year but I am actually going to read The Illuminae Files this time!
  • Throne of Glass series – again, late to the party I  know!

How many books do you hope to read in 2019?

  • Hopefully 50 but this year I had to lower to 45 so we will see.

Will you participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge or any others (PopSugar, Down the TBR Hole, etc.?)

  • Goodreads as always! I still have 4 more books to read to make my goal this year but I’m gonna do it!

Any New Year’s Resolutions? (Bookish, blogging, vlogging, and otherwise)

  • Bookish – Work on my TBR. I have a whole book case of just my TBR so I need to get to work
  • Blogging – Honestly y’all I might stop blogging. I really haven’t decided yet. My job has changed and I have a lot more to do so we’ll see
  • Life – Get rid of all negative vibes. I just don’t have time for unnecessary drama

I tag:

Can’t wait to read about everyone else’s year in books!

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