TV Review | Game of Thrones – Season 7


I can’t believe there’s only one season left. I feel like so much still needs to happen.

I was glad to see that Dorne and High Garden were supporting Daenerys but then pretty much all of them died so….maybe not.

I was really rooting for Theon but when he abandoned his sister, I lost hope. They’re uncle is a tyrant, I hope he dies at some point.

Kudos to Sam for helping what’s his name get rid of his grey scale. I know he’s smart and bookish but he’s kind of always felt a little insignificant this entire time. And he left before he could find out about his father and brother. I guess he could go home now at least?

I knew that Arya’s wolf was still alive and wish they had been reunited. Also, she is finally fucking home. The one thing that I have wanted the past 7 seasons is for Arya to be reunited with her family. Should have known Peter would try to turn her and Sansa against each other. Good for Sansa, turning on him like that. And Arya the Executioner is still a badass. How old is she now like 11?

Not surprised that Cersei is pregnant but she’s getting reckless. I don’t think she’s going to have the baby. I feel like she’ll die before she can. I feel like she has to die. I was surprised when she threatened to kill Jaime though. She’s gotten even more power hungry which didn’t really seem possible. I also think she’s stupid for lying to everyone saying she’ll fight in the North and then telling Jaime no. Idk what her deal is, but she’s gotta go.

When I saw the dead army pulling that fucking dragon out of the water…………ugh. And then it just obliterated part of the wall. I feel like the dead won’t win, but I don’t know how if the Lannisters aren’t going to fight.

Okay, someone correct me if I’m wrong here. John Snow is not a bastard. He’s actually Ned Stark’s nephew and he’s a Targaryen?? Rhergar’s son – which would make him Daenerys’ long lost nephew. Of course, we only find that out as they’re fucking. Ew.

Okay. I’m ready for the end.

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