TV Review | Game of Thrones – Season 6


I forgot to mention Marcela in the last review and how she told Jaime that she was glad that he was her father. I thought that was kind of a sweet moment. But then she died.

I’ve never liked the red woman and I hope that Jon sending her away was the last of her. Also weird that shes actually like a million years old.

I am so fucking glad that Ramsey died. And of course we find out that he’s such a little bitch. How the fuck do you just stand there and let your men die. Meanwhile Jon Snow is actually fighting. Then he turned and ran away. Being eaten by his own dogs was a fitting death.

I guess it’s cool that Bran is the 3 eyed raven or whatever but like, what’s his purpose? What is he going to do when the white walkers come?

Sam’s dad is such a piece of shit, I felt so bad for him.

I was equally surprised when Cersei blew up the castle, as I was when Tommin jumped out of the window. Cersei did say that all of her children would die but fuck.

I am happy for Tyrion. I like that he is now Hand of the Queen.

Arya is still being a badass even though I’m really not sure how the fuck she survived her injuries. I am glad she killed that bitch though, I fucking hated her. And she avenged her family by killing Walder Frey and his sons.

So correct me if I misunderstood this but Jon actually isn’t a bastard? He’s Ned Stark’s nephew? I need to keep watching.

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8 Responses to TV Review | Game of Thrones – Season 6

  1. I love reading your reviews about GoT. Now that the magic is wearing off, it’s kind of refreshing to see it from new eyes, without the hype =D

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  2. thebookcorps says:

    glad you’re still enjoying the show! yes Jon is actually Ned’s nephew!! he’s Ned’s sister’s son and his real father is Daenery’s brother Rhaegar — and he’s Dany’s nephew !!

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