TV Review | Game of Thrones – Season 5


This has been an interesting season.

Idk how I feel about Peter. He just seems like a self serving piece of shit and I kinda hope he dies. I appreciated that he was nice to Sansa but surely he will turn on her at some point.

Poor Sansa. Raped repeatedly by Ramsey and Theon just keeps doing what he’s told. I’m glad he finally came through for her at the end AND told her that her brother’s are alive.

Speaking of the brothers, I feel like we haven’t seen them in awhile. Not since they split up, especially Rickon.

Arya is steady being a little badass. Kicking ass and taking names. I do think she is a little reckless though.

Tyrion getting kidnapped was a surprise. Even though now it looks like he and Dragon Queen might actually be allies. Still not a huge fan of her although I am glad she and Drogon have been reunited.

Margaery getting thrown in jail was unexpected but even more unexpected was Cersei getting thrown in jail. I dislike her but I hate that they made her take a literal walk of shame. That was too much.

I honestly have never liked Stannis but fuck him after sacrificing his daughter. And all for what? You gave up your daughter as she screams and cries for you, th every next morning you find your wife dead, the Red Woman ran away and you died (at least I assume Brienne killed him). So much for being king.

I hope Brienne finds Sansa.

I was really not expecting Jon Snow to be killed. I’m confused though, isn’t he supposed to be alive at the end of the series???

I like watching this show but I’m also ready for it to be over. 3 more seasons!

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