Discussion: A Spark of Light & Women’s Reproductive Rights

I’m sharing this again because it is more relevant now than ever. This country is moving backwards. Our so called justice system is broken and still views women as objects to be controlled. It’s disgusting and inexcusable. There is literally no fucking way to justify forcing a woman who has already suffered being raped to carry the child of her rapist to full term. There should not be laws dictating what choices we can and can’t make about our own bodies. This entire thing is fucking ridiculous. Reading the news these days is like reading a damn satire.


Let me start by saying that I fully expect that the opinions left on this article will differ. Differ from my own and from some of my friends. That is okay and I encourage it. This is a place to respectfully state your opinion and tell why you believe what you believe. If I see anyone making inappropriate remarks, dishing out personal attacks and acting like a child I will block you. You’ve been warned.

One of the many reasons that I love Jodi Picoult is because she tackles topics that many people try to avoid talking about even though they are unavoidable. I always learn something from her and am always able to use her writing to spark a conversation. I also really respect the amount of research that she does for her books because it proves that authors really can cover any topic properly. Today I will…

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