The Dating Game: Too Clingy

At some point while I was still on Tinder, a friend recommended that I try Hinge. It’s similar but you have to answer a questionnaire about what your hobbies are and what you want out of life. As someone who doesn’t want children, I wanted to make sure it was visible on my profile because that is an obvious deal breaker.

Anyway, so I get this app and I start talking to… well let’s call him Will.

This was also around the same time that I was talking to David. Out of the two of them, Will seemed more interesting and more fun. Interesting he was but I regret ever meeting him.

When we first started talking it was going really well at first. One thing that annoyed me though is that I was always reaching out and texting him first. Look, if you’re interested then I expect you to act like you are. It’s not hard.

Anyway, we hang out for the first time and it was kind of awkward. We just made out and drank. After that I was still always texting first though. We set up a second time to hang out and this time we slept together.

After that when we tried to hang out our schedules just didn’t line up. He suggested that because we were both busy, we should occasionally get together for sex until we had more time. I’ve never really done the “friends with benefits thing” but I’m not totally against it. Anyway it never ended up happening because we didn’t see each other after this.

That conversation happened in August I think. Friends with benefits was his idea. By the end of September he was talking about a relationship and I asked him where that came from since that was not the plan. I have a real issue when it comes to people who can’t give a straight answer to a simple question. For some reason, he wasn’t able to tell me what he wanted. I don’t know if it was because he really didn’t know or if he thought that he was supposed to say what he thinks I wanted him to say. Either way, I got annoyed.

After that, we didn’t talk for a while. He randomly reached out one day and I told him that I wasn’t interested in seeing him any more. All of a sudden, he was so into me and had a solution to all of the issues that we had encountered. Don’t want to hang out late? Oh that’s fine, we’ll do what works for you. Don’t want to travel? I’ll come to you or I’ll pay for your uber. Suddenly he was ready to do whatever it took, but by that point, I was over it.

Another thing that really pissed me off is that at this point I was only working part time. He knew that, I had told him more than once. When I mentioned that he knew my schedule, he claimed that he didn’t. I reminded him that I had told him on more then one occasion and he said that he’d forgotten….So why the fuck didn’t you ask? Why is that hard. Doesn’t common sense tell you that if you don’t know the answer to something, the next step is to ask???

Anyway, we stopped talking in mid-October.

Exactly one month later, he sends me a text that says, “I miss you.” I ignored it.

Another month passes and he sends me a message on Instagram saying “I miss you.” I ignored it and block him

In January he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I declined it and blocked him.

At the beginning of March I got a text around 10pm from a number that I didn’t know. All it said was “hi.” At this point I was already half asleep. In the morning, I asked who it was. The response was, “Hey it’s Will. I downloaded an app to text you because texts weren’t going through from my number.”

I told him that was really weird and asked what if he needed something. He said he wanted to see if we could get lunch because he never wanted to stop talking in the first place. Needless to say, I wasn’t interested. I told him that and hopefully that will be the end of it.

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6 Responses to The Dating Game: Too Clingy

  1. littlebookynook says:

    Wow, this guy really DID NOT get the hint!!! Wouldn’t the whole ‘texts not going through from his phone number’ be a massive hint?!? Men….sigh.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ariel Lynn says:

    I’ve noticed something: If you aren’t interested in a guy, they go mad chasing you. &, usually, vice versa.

    Then again, I have a terrible track record. Never take dating advice from me. Or life advice. Or any advice. 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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