The Dating Game: The One That Got Away?

After all of the shit with my ex. I had a weekend of drinking and eating whatever the fuck I wanted. Then I sucked it up and got my shit together. There were no tears. I couldn’t justify crying over someone who treated me that way. I had my weekend and then I started eating right and working out again.

And then I got back on Tinder.

I really hate Tinder y’all. There’s some very weird people on there.

Anyway, I started talking to one guy….let’s call him David. He was great. Very sweet, not at all interested in rushing the process. We talked strictly through the app and actually didn’t even talk long enough to exchange numbers.

While we did talk, it was great. He asked about what books I was reading and in return told me about what shows he was watching on Netflix.

We talked every day for a maybe a month and then we kind of just stopped. It’s partially my fault. I wanted to get off of Tinder because like I said…it can get weird, and I had started talking to someone else on a different app (HUGE MISTAKE….but that’s for next time).

Anyway, it was probably for the best that nothing came out of it. He was a teacher and worked at a summer camp. He probably would have wanted children and well, we all know that’s not happening.

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