The Dating Game: The Ex

Most of you already know this story. For those of you who don’t, here’s the quick and dirty of it:

  • I don’t want children. Never have, never will.
  • I told my ex this 2 weeks into our relationship and asked if he was okay with it. He said yes.
  • For six months, I continued to ask if he was okay with it. He said yes, every time.
  • Months later he says, “I always wanted kids, I just thought I could change your mind?”
  • I told him that I won’t.
  • He starts to become emotionally abusive and resentful towards me. He goes out of his way to belittle and mock me.
  • Even after I move out, he is still emotionally abusive.

Luckily, I have not heard from him and months. I had moved on as soon as I moved out because quite frankly I don’t believe in getting hung up over someone who treats you like shit. That is NOT love.

That’s the basics. If you really want all of the details, start with Women Are Not Required to Have Children. Follow it up with The Break Up and finally, The Break Up Part 2.

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