The Dating Game: The Gentleman

Hi all, continuing the story from my second year of college.

Henry was unexpected. After the whole mess with Brandon, I wasn’t really looking for anyone. Plus, I was busy and had more important things to worry about. We had known each other for a while from our mutual friend group and while I thought he was incredibly attractive, I had no intention to let him know that.

Every year, one of our student organizations throws a Halloween party. For us, there was plenty of drinking involved. I don’t remember much of the night (not because I was drunk, because it was 5 years ago now lol ) but by the end of the night for some reason, Henry and I were holding hands. I’m pretty sure he reached for my hand but I accepted it and didn’t really think much of it until afterward.

Naturally, we started talking and it was going pretty smoothly. Everyone around us was really pushing for it. I kept being told that I should date him because if I didn’t I would be “missing out”. Quite frankly, that kind of pissed me off. The thing about Henry was that he was perfect on paper. In reality, he didn’t always match up to that standard.

For example, once he asked if he could stop by my apartment. I said sure. When he arrived he had brought a friend with him. Someone I didn’t know, and he hadn’t mentioned it on the phone. Luckily they were just stopping by for a second, but it was still strange. He also kept trying to pull me into my room and makeout with me. This would have been fine but… there was a random dude chilling on my couch, so I told him he had to go.

Another time, he invited himself over and then got mad when I didn’t stop what I was doing to entertain him. I was studying by the way. I told him that and he still somehow felt entitled to my attention. While I was making a study guide for my upcoming exam he says, “Rae. I’m tired of being on my phone.” I told him that I needed to study and that I was in the zone so I wasn’t stopping. He left with an attitude and later texted me, “Despite everything, I still like you.” Excuse you? What the fuck is your problem? What makes you think that you’re important enough that I will drop everything just because you want attention? That’s not how I roll.

The icing on the cake was the night I hosted a Latin Dance Party on campus. My co-host had brought her younger sister along and I decided to stay with her for the night because she didn’t really know anyone. Plus, neither of us was big on dancing so we just hung out while I monitored the room, food, DJ, etc. Henry texts me from the dance floor, telling me to come dance with him. I said no because I wasn’t much of a dancer but also, I wasn’t going to abandon my friend. Being the mature person that he is, he sits down on the opposite side of the room and pouts instead of coming to sit down with usSo, being the petty bitch that I am, I got up to dance with another guy for a little while.

Obviously, we didn’t talk much after that but when we did see each other he would kiss me. Mostly on the cheek but sometimes on the mouth and it was always so unexpected. Like, we weren’t an item, yet he would do that pretty much because he thought he could.

Luckily he transferred to a different university not long after that.

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