#UnsolvedAThon: A Buzzfeed Unsolved ReadAThon — Announcement and Sign Up!

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Welcome to the announcement post of my readathon: #UnsolvedAThon!

This readathon is based on the youtube series Buzzfeed Unsolved, where supernatural believer Ryan tells his friend, skeptical Shane, about a famous supernatural or true crime case — all of which are unsolved.

If you haven’t heard of this series, watch the episodes here!

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I’ve been a fan of Buzzfeed Unsolved since the second season, after my sister introduced me to the show, and I’ve told so many friends about this series who have then gone on to watch it and love it. So I wanted to show my appreciation for the show; originally I had planned a book tag but someone beat me to it (no hard feelings! haha). I then decided to create a readathon, which I think is going to be super fun!

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For this readathon, you can read any type of book: physical, eBook, audiobook…

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3 Responses to #UnsolvedAThon: A Buzzfeed Unsolved ReadAThon — Announcement and Sign Up!

  1. Laura Beth says:

    We love Buzzfeed Unsolved!

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