A Reading List for International Women’s Day 2019


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This is such an important day for so many people across the world, women and non-binary people and all of our allies.

The fight for women’s equality is still on-going, but I believe we will get there one day. What’s important to remember is that while it may seem like we’ve reached that point already because women can vote (har har), there’s still a long way to go, especially for women of colour, queer and trans women, and non-binary people.

Everyone in this world should be a feminist and uphold women’s rights, but what’s more, we should all be intersectional feminists. Women experience oppression and suffering in different ways, depending on their marginalisation, and that is something we need to remember on this day.

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of feminist books out there — all of which I want to read — but I’ll be the…

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