Why You Can’t Ship Hermione and Draco

So, I recently found out that this was a thing. That there are people out there who ship Hermione and Draco.

Quite frankly I’m disgusted by this.

I can totally understand that a lot of people are all for the enemy to lover thing and that’s cool. Sometimes I like it too. However, in this case it’s kind of disturbing.

Y’all need to understand that wanting Hermione and Draco together is like wanting a person of color to date a white supremacist. The way that Draco calls her a “mudblood” and says “how dare you speak to me” says a lot about what he thinks of her all because her parents are muggles, and that’s something that she can’t control. That’s basically the same as a white dude calling me the N word.

Yeah I get that the story is fiction but there are aspects that are based on reality. If you ship these two together it says a lot about what you’re willing to overlook or turn a blind eye to.

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8 Responses to Why You Can’t Ship Hermione and Draco

  1. ashley says:

    I would never ship them together, it’s just wrong. I’d ship Hermione and Harry before Hermione and Draco.

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  2. thebookcorps says:

    I absolutely love enemies to lovers but I would never ship Draco and Hermione for the exact reasons you said. Enemies to lovers or hate to love is when characters still have chemistry and deep down their values are the same, not one character wanting to deny rights to another??

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  3. thingscarlaloves says:

    Yeah that’s just soooo weird. There’s a difference between some form of hate turning into passion, and a domestic violence situation, because the latter would what you’d be looking at. Like all the SS and Gestapo men who took Jewish women they found to be really pretty to work in their houses, and would rape them violently because they were in love with someone that they hated, and then they’d beat them, because the only explanation was that it was some “Jewish magic vagina” shit happening. As Malfoy doesn’t grow a whole lot throughout all the books, even if he shuns a lot of it after, this is horrifying. Why would anyone WANT this? And Hermione would never look at someone who didn’t consider her an equal.

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