15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club #15)

15th Affair by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro



Detective Lindsay Boxer has everything she could possibly want. Her marriage and baby daughter are perfect, and life in Homicide in the San Francisco Police Department is going well. But all that could change in an instant.

Lindsay is called to a crime scene at the Four Seasons Hotel. There is a dead man in one of the rooms, shot at close range. The man checked in under a false name with no ID on him, so the first puzzle will be finding out who he is.

In the room next door are a dead young man and woman, also shot. They are surrounded by high-tech surveillance equipment. Could they have been spying on the man now dead in the room next to them?

And in the utilities cupboard down the hall is the dead body of a house maid. The murders are all clearly linked and professionally executed. But what is the motive behind it all? Lindsay will need to risk everything she has to find out.


I was surprised that they didn’t continue with the Kingfisher storyline. Obviously his death was a good thing for Lindsay but I thought it would end a different way.

I’m not complaining though, I really liked this book with the case that they chose.

I think this is the first time that the CIA has been involved as well as a foreign government. I didn’t expect the CIA to kill Ali Muller though. How do they know that she really was working for the other team? Guess it doesn’t matter.

I just don’t understand why Joe never told Lindsay that he had been in the CIA. Even before they’d had Julie. And I get that he was undercover and all but again, if she had known that he was a CIA agent, she wouldn’t have freaked out the way that she did.

Also, it sucks that she had to turn to June. That bitch tried to ruin their marriage and now once again a woman from Joe’s past is taunting Lindsay. I know it’s not Joe’s fault but he should have told her about his past.

I’m thinking that she will probably forgive him. If I were her, I don’t know if I would. Relationships shouldn’t be built on lies.

4 stars.

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