Short Story Review: Son of the Dawn (Ghosts of the Shadow Market #1)

Son of the Dawn by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan



The Lightwoods, the Shadowhunters who run the New York Institute, are expecting a new addition to their family: the orphaned son of their father’s friend, Jace Wayland. Alec and Isabelle aren’t too sure they want a new brother, and their parents are not assuaging their fears, too occupied with the dark news that Raphael Santiago, second-in-command of the New York vampire clan, has brought from the Shadow Market.

~ This review will contain spoilers for The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, and the Shadowhunters television series ~

I think I’m going to like this series of short stories. It’s nice to actually be able to read about scenes that are mentioned in passing in the other books.

I like that we get more about Jem while he’s Brother Zachariah. I’m hoping that she will explain how he was able to leave the Silent Brothers. To be honest, I also want to know how they were able to save him and why he still looks like himself. I can’t remember if that was already talked about in TMI or TID and I just don’t remember or if she hasn’t disclosed it.

I also don’t remember Lily being in love with Raphael. Given his response though, it makes me wonder if it was always Clare’s intention for Raphael to be asexual or if she went with it after his tv show character was given that identity. I hope she was a part of that because it’s really not often that YA includes asexual characters.

I also had to remind myself that while Izzy was the addicted to vampire venom on the show, Jem was actually addicted to demon venom – It was venom right?

I wonder if the story about the Circle attacking Magnus is in his book…I have not read the Bane Chronicles yet so no spoilers!

This is a small detail but I never knew that Maryse was the one who gave Jace his nickname. I always thought it was Valentine.

Just so y’all know, I have read TID and TMI but the other series I will not read until they are complete. The Bane Chronicles and Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy are on my TBR for 2019. The reason that I decided to go ahead and read this collection of stories is because I realized they’re all different and I’m not waiting for full 400 page novels to be released, so I’ll read these as I go and when I need a break for the incredibly long series that I’m reading now.

Anyway, I’m interested to see what else this series will reveal.

4 stars.

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