Parents Should Understand Their Children…



“You are just a child. You do not have any idea about how difficult life really is. You know nothing.” Oh, really? I truly disagree. No matter how young a person is the fact remains that he is a human being. A kid may understand less than adults do, but that does not at all mean they do not understand anything. Even a baby knows when his mother forgets to feed him.

Parents which do not communicate with the child

My point is parents should respect more their children’s thoughts. Parents should genuinely listen to and understand their children and not impose on them their own thoughts and values. Let them use God’s gift of intellect and free mind, and exercise their critical thinking. Parents are there to guide their children, not command them to always do this and that. If parents would recognize more their children’s individuality and capacity to think on their own, this barrier will…

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3 Responses to Parents Should Understand Their Children…

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    So much yes! If I wanted to have kids, I’d want to keep this in mind.

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