Series Review | The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I love the covers on this series! However, I am a little upset that all of ine are paperback except for Winter so the series is separated on my bookshelf 😦

I was highly impressed with how the basic elements of the fairytale were kept even though this new story was so incredibly different and modernized. I also love the way that each novel is broken down and prefaced with an excerpt from the original story.

In terms of novellas, I think the only one that I felt was out of place was the Little Android. I mean, it’s sort of a cool take on The Little Mermaid  but it contributed nothing to the series as a whole and felt kind of pointless.

Here are the individual review for each novel and novella:

This brings the average to about 3.1 stars. (3.4 without the novellas!) So……I recommend it.

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