This or That? #98

This week I want to know…….

What do you think is worse:

A book with water damage or a book with a broken spine?

Obviously, both of these are awful. Absolutely awful! Even though I prefer my books intact, I can overlook a broken spine. Sometimes it happens. It sucks but it happens. I think water damage bothers me more. Books aren’t meant to be wet. Ever. Once I spilled my coffee on my book cause I was swirling it to mix in the creamer. I’ve never been so mad at myself :/

What do you think? Which is worse? Let me know.


P.S. Only two more left!

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11 Responses to This or That? #98

  1. Vrushali says:

    Firstly, GREAT QUESTION! How do you even think of them…?! Ans I’d say I hate to have water spilled on my book too. Although I can overlook a broken spine (I break them anyway) but spilling water and then being witness to that wavy page is more painful.

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  2. ashley says:

    Water damage in my opinion is worse. The spine of my original hard cover of Sorcerer’s Stone is starting to break from reading it so many times, but it shows that it’s well loved.

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  3. Sarah says:

    Water damage every time! Cannot stand the wavy pages! Won’t even risk reading in the bath

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  4. Ooh I’d take the broken spine, at least a broken spine shows that you’ve read and loved the book while water damage is just a clumsy spill that you’d probably get mad at yourself for

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  5. Ariel Lynn says:

    Oh wow. Thinking about those precious books so vilely damaged made me, literally, gasp. (This may say something deep about us, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what! LOL)

    I’d definitely pick the broken spine over water damage. My reasoning, similar to others, is that spines often break from being read too often. That’s a beautiful thing, in my mind.

    Also, water damage makes a book harder to read, in my opinion. The pages start to wave, sometimes they stick together, it’s all so frustrating – & a constant reminder that someone (me, or an unknown person if it’s a used book) is a klutz.

    Fantastic question!!!

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  7. Arvenig says:

    I think water damage is worse. If you read a book multiple times the spine is going to break, but it just shows how much you love it!

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