This or That? #94

So first I want to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that the final This or That? challenge will be 100. So we are almost to the finish line my friends.


This week I want to know…….

Do you have a TBR list? 

If so, tell me about it: Is it written or typed? Do you use Goodreads? How long is the list? How many books are on it? etc.

I do indeed have a TBR list. It is typed up in a word document on my laptop and 12 pages long (single spaced). It’s only about 400 books long though. I don’t know if that’s low but I kind of feel like it is.

I divide all of the books into categories so it’s not just a huge mess. I have some authors with all of their books listed because I plan to read all of them. Then, I have a section for classics, one for series, and one for standalones.

When I buy a book from that list I change the color of the title and when I read it, I cross it out.

I use Goodreads to cross reference a lot and check out more books by certain authors as well as how many books are in a series and what novellas and companions come with it.

I also make a TBR list for each year so that I don’t go crazy when I buy books. I try to only buy books that are on that particular list for that year but sometimes….sales happen and well, you know…..

What about you? Do you have a TBR list? How do you keep track of your books? Let me know!


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23 Responses to This or That? #94

  1. ashley says:

    The only TBR list I have is on Goodreads and I only have 97 books on it. I don’t make monthly TBR lists like a lot of people do. I participate in seasonal book bingo and when the board is released I look at the topics in the squares and fill the squares in with books that fit the given topic. I make seasonal reading plans, I hate calling them TBR’s because I feel like TBR is too strict and structured. I like reading plans better because I feel that they allow for more freedom.

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  3. Ariel Lynn says:

    “So first I want to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that the final This or That? challenge will be 100.” Noooooooooooooooooo!

    Just kidding. I totally understand. 😉

    On topic, your method of handling your TBR list(s) is much more organized & well thought out than mine! I may have to steal some of your ideas (I’ll credit you… in my Word doc… lol).

    I also have a Word document. It’s made up of Harold Bloom’s Western Canon, The Guardian’s 1000 Books Everyone Should Read, & Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s List of Books For Intelligent People. This is my “TBR Before I Die” list. (I love your idea of changing the color/highlighting books you’ve purchased. Very, very smart.)

    I use Goodreads, but I have barely 1% (estimated) of my “Before I Die” doc on it. Updating it seems daunting.

    My list is 101 pages long. However, that’s incredibly misleading because Harold Bloom’s list, in particular, has wide spacing & formatting. Unfortunately, I used bullet points & not list numbers, so I have no idea how many books are actually on it! (I may, following your example, change that too, though.) All I know is that it has over 1000 books on it, if The Guardian’s article title is to be believed. 😀

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    • AWESOME!!!!! that’s a long list. Like really long. no need to credit me, just a typical event planner who likes things to be way too neat for my own good lol
      I have to mark the ones that I’ve bought otherwise I would definitely forget what I’ve already got.
      I wouldnt bother updating goodreads, that seems like wayyy too much extra work lol
      I think if you highlight the whole thing and switch from bullets to numbers it might automatically tally it up for you? That would be cool!

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Too late! I wrote a comment on the Word Doc already! 😀

        That’s exactly why I think it’s a good idea – I’d rather dedicate my time to checking the books I have against the list than updating Goodreads, that I know for sure! 😀

        Normally, you’d be 100% right. Unfortunately, Bloom broke up his list by time periods, then by countries, then by authors. Each book by a single author was listed under his/her (but, yeah, mostly “his”) name, with a space before & after. I went through & changed it to “Title” by “such-&-such,” then numbered it. It shortened the Doc to 61 pages. It was 40 pages of spaces!

        Now I know, however, there are 2,644 books on that list. Man, I’d better get cracking!! 😀

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      • I think that’s a record, Ariel! If I remember correctly only one person on Goodreads had more books than you on their tbr

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Woohoo! *takes a bow*

        Now I’ve gotta make sure I don’t have double copies of books flying around, or I’m not going to buy a book I’ve already got.

        This was probably my favorite question in the “This or That” category. It gave me great ideas & a plan of attack. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! 🙂

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      • Awe thanks for always participating with me!

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