Texas Legislature Attack on LGBTQ+ Community

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3 Responses to Texas Legislature Attack on LGBTQ+ Community

  1. I was amazed when I first heard about these things a few months ago. Considering how much people complain that adoption’s made too hard for those who want kids, or costs too much, or how many kids are stuck in the system…but then comes the “hey, we don’t want THEM to get kids.” Sheesh…they must think a gay couple will rub their “gayness” off on kids like a cold or something. Idiots. It’s a shame because there’re plenty of hetero couples out there that should probably never be allowed to have kids, but because they’re hetero, they’ll get them. If a couple’s in a devoted relationship with each other and will do their best by their kids, then dammit, let them have ’em.

    I live in Texas, too, and am growing to hate my own state. I’ve never lived anywhere else, but I gotta admit…even though I’m a hetero white female, I’m anywhere between annoyed and furious at the nonchalant, naked bigotry and prejudice around me. I don’t want this to become the new normal…and every day it feels like it’s becoming that way. I am not much for praying, either, but I’m reading and praying for guidance to try and curb this crap. Reminds me of a post I read yesterday about Christians creating atheists with stuff like this…and I think he’s got a point (now I wanna find it and bookmark it again).

    Hugs, and here’s to working against the hate and keeping informed.

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