Movie Review: Power Rangers


So, I grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Let’s be honest, that one is the only one out of the 30 that exist that really matters. Anyway, my dad didn’t think I wanted to see it and I almost lost it when he said he was taking my brothers and didn’t tell me.

I think I have some mixed feelings. There were things that I loved and things that I questioned.

Love the diversity of the rangers. Not just ethnically but experience wise. That being said, it’s hard to ignore that the Red Ranger, the leader, is still a white male. But of course that wasn’t a surprise so….yeah.

Love that the Blue Ranger is on the spectrum and that he’s open about it. I think that it was really good representation. Obviously it’s impossible to capture all points of the spectrum with just one character but this is a good start. He reminds me a lot of my little brother who I think will really appreciate seeing a character who looks and thinks like him as a super hero. This is also good because black mental health is so often ignored. No one ever wants to discuss it, people often pretend that it doesn’t exist. This is a great step toward breaking down those barriers.

Also, the Yellow Ranger is queer! Again, good representation. And it wasn’t like a huge obvious moment when she revealed it. It was super subtle and showed how hard she’s struggling with her identity which I think is an important aspect because it’s not always easy.

And…. I’m glad that they stopped the “Black ranger played by a black person” and “Yellow ranger played by an Asian person” bullshit.

I feel like female villains are sort of rare. Maybe I’m wrong about that, I’m not a huge superhero/comic book person so you can correct me on that. But I like that she was the villain.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the fight scene was anticlimactic. I’m kind of not okay with the fact that they all just accepted that they were going to burn to death. I get it, they’re heroes and misfits. They would have died as heroes but like where are the tears!!? Would you not be crying at that moment?

Megazord was pretty cool though. I like that they tried to take a step and fell on their face, it was realistic. However, Rita just getting smacked out of the atmosphere like that….. I don’t know. Like, that’s it? That’s how the fight ends? I’m not impressed.

Maybe I’m not impressed cause I’m 23 XD

But it was still good. 3 out of 5 stars.

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3 Responses to Movie Review: Power Rangers

  1. I was also so sad that the megazord wasn’t a real combo of their zords, rather just a giant new zord. My fave part is always the connecting of the zords. So sad.

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